It doesn’t take long around the area to realize that Branson is the most patriotic place most of us have ever seen! They do a great job of honoring all Veterans, therefore it is not surprising that the Veteran’s Museum is very well done and enjoyable for anyone with a military background or that just enjoys military history. It is very emotional and touching in places. It may be a little much for the little ones.
The Butterfly Palace is popular especially for the little ones. We were there after Christmas last year and really enjoyed it. Our granddaughter loved it at the old location when she was smaller and this one has much more to offer. It is very educational and enjoyable.
The Titantic Museum is very popular and is interesting to tour. Not a thrilling ride, but it provides good history and some hands-on experiences for Titantic fans.
The Wax Museum is fun to walk through and there are 2 fairly new areas —a Maze of Mirrors and a 3-D virtual reality “ride” through the “Castle of Chaos”. The Maze is a challenge (I would still be lost in there if Charles had not helped me out. LOL) The Castle ride was fun (a little cheesy but not terribly scary. Should be OK for most kids unless they are easily scared.) It takes about an hour to do it all.
A few summers ago our granddaughter and her friend really wanted to go to Ripley’s Believe it or Not While there are some neat things to see, there is a LOT of reading at each exhibit and our 12 year olds got bored very quickly. We enjoyed it more than they did because we did the reading but grandparents have a longer attention span. LOL
There are numerous putt-putt courses and go-cart tracks on the strip and on Green Mountain Drive. (Yellow Route). There is a nice indoor putt-putt course inside the Grand Country on Hwy 76. There are some shops and a great buffet inside also. The indoor waterpark is only open to their guests—sorry.
Near the super Wal-Mart on Bee Creek Rd, there is an athletic complex called the Rec-Plex. We’ve not been there but sounds like there is a lot to do.