Great places to visit while staying in a Cody's Cabin.

Dear Guests,

Many times we are asked for information about the Branson area and we love to share the knowledge we’ve gained over the years. The activities available are so numerous I know I am only touching on a few in each category. I know this is terribly long but just search through for your interests. We are trying our best to experience everything but we still have many vacations to go before we accomplish that.

Branson is a tourist town so unfortunately, most things are fairly pricey. For purchasing show tickets, usually you will do better on prices to call or visit the specific box offices and not buy through any of the ticket sellers. Often, there are strings attached when using those places.
We did recently find a Ticket Seller that appears to be legitimate and offers some great deals without any strings attached. They do not offer tickets to every show but it is worth checking out. It is called BRANSON 2 FOR 1 TICKETS AT 1100 W Hwy 76. Phone is 417-336-0241.
Some coupons are in the cabin or can be found all over Branson on the maps and little magazines like Sunny Day, etc. The maps are great to use for learning the alternate routes around the area. The traffic can be intimidating, but the alternate routes help immensely.