Dear Guest(s),

     We are so happy that you have stumbled across our little part of Branson Missouri! Whether you're here by a Google search or you are a returning guest rest assured we want to take care of YOU! So we can get to know each other a little better here's a little about us.

     Brenda & I live in Enid, Ok. She is a Retired Registered Nurse and I am a retired Police Officer, & a retired DL Examiner for the State of Ok. We have 7 children and 15 wonderful grandchildren. We love our home in Oklahoma, but we know have a second home in Missouri home and enjoy it very much. We live in the Branson area about 50% of the time and spend the other time in Oklahoma or on the road! As many that visit the Branson area, we love our God, our Country, and our Family!

     We have loved the Branson area for years and Brenda grew up about 2 hrs. from Branson. Branson is a booming area with lots of opportunity and even in a down economy people still come to Branson. It just seems to be one of the most wholesome, patriotic places in the country.

     The place is very peaceful and refreshing. We really don't have to do anything or go anywhere to enjoy our stay here. If you enjoy exercise, it is good to get out and walk around some of the pathways around the golf course or up and down the hills and hollers.

-Charles & Brenda